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5 Items You Missed for a Successful Road Trip

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

So you're ready to set out on a road trip and of course you are going to over pack because you have space. If you are going to bike or hike then the appropriate gear is a must. You've researched and booked hotel or Airbnb. So what did you miss?

  1. Travel budget - don't set out on the road without anticipating extra expenses. Just because you are driving and avoiding the airport doesn't mean there are hidden expenses. Plan on a couple of extra gas fills. Food can be surprisingly expensive and especially now. There are only half the tables being served so naturally they are going to recover that revenue with your butt in the seat. Don't forget to calculate room taxes and fees on your accommodations. Give yourself some wiggle room for extra day trips or even needing to purchase something forgotten at home.

  2. Entertainment - we love podcasts and will binge a whole series, but if you are on a long trip you will need variety. We purchased a Popsocket and vent mount and watched Alone on the History Channel. Your focus needs to stay on the road, but it is sure nice to have a distraction.

  3. Plenty of water - you will get dehydrated and you will want to hit the attractions feeling as fresh as possible when you arrive at your destination. Water will take care of you like no other.

  4. Pillows - you have the extra room and taking naps on the road is a must. May as well feel as comfy as you can and then when you arrive at your destination you will have additional comfort in your bed. Head over to our Amazon shop to find our air-mattress bed for your back seat. This is life changing! Visit for our travel necessity.

  5. The book 50 States 5000 Ideas by National Geographic. You're investing in the time and the mileage and we don't want you to miss something that could be only a mile out of the way. It's how we found the bridge above in Astoria and the lighthouse across the bridge in Washington state.

Proper planning is key and one last item to not forget is to check the weather religiously for the days and week leading up to your trip. Weather will play a factor on your trip, good or bad. Plan appropriately to maximize your time and to make adjustments to schedules and excursions.

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