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Read this post and you'll get $1 million dollars...Part 1 of 3 (Engagement)

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

We all would die for better engagement from our followers. Sometimes the damn algorithm seems to get in our way, right? Well, sort of. If you are on a social media platform then you are expected to be SOCIAL. This includes your effort to engage with your followers beyond just posting the perfect picture, hashtags and responding to a few comments. This is exactly what the algorithm is meant to keep you from doing. WHAT?!

One effective way to achieve better engagement as you grow your influence is to actually go into the feeds of your followers and engage with them. Doing this with authentic intent to get to know your followers will reap huge rewards in the future. Why you ask? Because this will create superfans and loyal followers who will act upon your call to action. CTA!

Some of your superfans will be accounts that you are superfans of as well. You inspire each other and you help each other. You DM and build relationships with each other. In other words, you are being social with each other. Superfans will comment first and thoughtfully. They read your post and take action. This encourages others to fight for your affection as well.

So where do you start with engaging with your followers? First, click on the accounts of every comment you receive everyday. Yes, everyday! Explore their content, watch their stories and even comment on their posts. Send them a nice DM to let them know you really like what they are doing. Compliments are the glue of relationships.

Next, click on the account of every new follower you get and engage with them. Let them know you see them and make them feel special. Do not use automated DMs to new followers as this seems spammy to us. You want authentic relationships 100% of the time. Set some rules as to who you will follow back. Rule of thumb is if someone is commenting and liking on a regular basis and matches your niche then follow back. More on this in future blogs.

Lastly, create good call to actions in your posts that give your followers an opportunity to add to your content and be seen by other accounts as well. "Comment below" or "Let me know your thoughts" are not effective CTAs. Our next blog post will cover this in detail.

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