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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

"You had a way about you that made me believe in magic; I fell for your slight of hand and got lost in every illusion." Jessica Katoff

Paris has our heart now but it wasn't always this way. There was something disconnected in the past about the city. The first couple times we visited we were tourists. This last time we felt more a part of the city. Maybe it was because of the transportation strike and we were all in the same boat or maybe it was the company we were with. Whatever it was it caused a deeper yearning for us to go back again and again.

We spared no expense on this trip and stayed at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome. This location allowed us to walk to just about anywhere as long as the weather permitted. With the transportation strike, it was a long wait and ride in an Uber after 6PM. The hotel is posh as hell and the room was one of the nicest we've stayed in so far.

Speakeasy @luluwhitedrinkingclub was fun and the drinks were once in a lifetime. The bar is small and crowded but you will get an unique drink that only you will ever drink.

For entertainment we hit Moulon Rouge which was an experience you should take in once but don't expect high quality dancing or entertainment. The production is okay and the food is average.

If you want a gym to exercise at then definitely go to Reebok Crossfit Louvre has some of the nicest coaches and members we've ever met.

Our photoshoot was done by @flytographer as was our shoot in London. This is a great way to hire a photographer who knows the city to capture some memories of your trip. We like it too because we can put away the tripod and our own camera away and just smile.

You may notice that we don't mention food here on this blog post and it's because that's for you to experience in Paris. We hope you get to go to Paris soon and often.

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