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So you wanna be a content creator huh?

So you decided to grab your iPhone and start snapping some pictures to post on Instagram with a few trendy hashtags and thought you'd go viral overnight...not exactly how it happens. Maybe in the beginning of social media. Today, social media is about advertising and being social. Getting paid to do this...that requires hard work.

What do you see when you check out an account with 300k followers? Do you think "must be nice"to yourself? We have all been there, but here is what we see now. Behind every photo is a well planned photography session that most likely included travel to the destination, sleeping in a car, waking up at least an hour before sunrise, no shower, limited or no bathroom and just a few hours of off and on sleep. Yah, but you're in an epic location. True, but this is work and you only have about 45 minutes of perfect light.

You don't see the research to find new locations and how it all fits into the current branding of your feed. Countless hours of searching on Google Earth or researching hashtags to find just the right natural backdrop. Sure some of this is easy, but you can't control the weather which may cause other adjustments. So you may have to research the best time of year to visit.

What about the hiking to get to the location? The gear that must be packed, versatile and yet light enough to trek miles if needed. What are you going to wear? What colors might blend too much with the scenery? How does this go with the overall look of your feed?

And then the cost associated with a trip. Not all photos are paid for by sponsors. You must brand yourself. You must remain consistent. Daily. The brand of you will create opportunities. You must invest in the brand. Your investment is time, money, sweat, tears, frustration and more. Your rewards are not what you think they will be, but they will be more than you ever imagine.

So what's our point? There is so much more that goes into a picture that was captured in a fraction of a second. Appreciate what the larger accounts are doing. They have put in the hard work and deserve all that they have. They have also made it easier for us who aspire to greater success. This is why we are very protective of their brand. This is why we don't take collaborations at discounted prices. Our efforts have allowed us to set a price for a post on our feed or a post in our stories. We will not compromise that for us, but we also will not compromise to cheapen what our heroes have helped to build.

So please appreciate your inspirations. Tell them that you appreciate them. Tell them that you see them. Tell them that you support them. Show them how much you respect them. You will be there someday too and will hope you have the same from your followers.

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