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Why not go Boulder? (Hike Chautauqua)

A short thirty minute drive from Downtown Denver is the outdoor haven of Boulder, Colorado. Ask any local and they will tell that you that their favorite season of the year is outdoor. Yes, downtown Boulder and Pearl Street are a must visit, but save for after a day out on the numerous trails and hikes in and around town.

Chautauqua Park and Trailhead

A very popular and busy hiking location, Chautauqua Park has several trails to explore of varying lengths and difficulty. Our favorite is the Bluebell Road to Royal Arch which is about 3 miles round trip. It's a challenging hike with good elevation gains that rewards with the Royal Arch itself.

The Mesa Trail is the longest hiking trail at 6 miles out and connects to many other trails throughout the area. If you just desire a shorter hike to take in the Flatirons then take First-Second-Third Flatiron trails. They will not disappoint and there are ample photography scenes to document your visit. There is Woods Quarry that branches off the Mesa Trail approximately 0.4 miles into your hike and leads to an anbandoned quarry.

Baseline Trail is another rewarding hike on way up to Flagstaff Mountain. There are several branches off of this trail as well including Amphitheater Trail and will wind you back to Bluebell Road and Shelter.

Here is the link for Google Maps - Chautauqua Trailhead

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